Eyeliner - the straight and the narrow of them


Eyeliner is one of those products I'm asked about all the time and so this week in my Herald Sun column I've tackled the "how to" on the different types of eyeliner and the easiest way to apply them.


Here is a quick summery for you.


Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is probably the easiest and safest to apply out of all the eyeliners. I tend to favour a softer formula and like my tip to be more blunt. I always apply my eyeliner in short feathering strokes heading towards the middle of the eye, making sure I plant it right into the lashline. I then smudge it off with a little eyeshadow with my eyeliner brush to soften the line and set it.


Liquid Eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner takes a little more skill and practice. It really comes down to brush and persistance. A great trick to get a straight outer line or flick is to apply a little sticky tape from the corner of the eye to the brow and use it like a stencil. Then draw the line in towards the inner corner making sure you get a nice straight line. Then simply remove the tape.


Smudge Pots


Gel eyeliner is a little easier to apply than liquid and often come with their own brush. I use the same technique as I do with liquid but just without the tape. They can also be smudged off with a brush and a little eyeshadow for a softer look.


Cake Eyeliner


Cake eyeliner is a little old school but is really economical. You will need to mix it up with either some water or cake line sealer until it is about the same consistency as liquid eyeliner. Then, with a fine tipped eyeliner brush, apply as you would liquid eyeliner.


Eyeliner Brush


Eyeliner brushes will make your application much easier. Look towards a fine tipped brush for liquids and cake eyeliners. For pencils and powders, I prefer a bullet brush as it makes for easy smudging and blending. Make sure you wash them in warm soapy water on a regular basis as product builds up quickly in them.